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Volume ,Issue 4,2011 Table of Contents

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Environmental change and the archaeological culture sequences in the Dong Longshan area of Shaanxi Province
  ZHU Yi-zhi1,YANG Ya-chang2,KANG Zhi-hai1,4,CHENG Peng1,4,YU Hua-gui3
  2011(4):479-487 [Abstract(257)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (162)]
Labile organic carbon in limestone soil and yellow soil in karst areas, Southwest China
  LI Long-bo1,2,LIU Cong-qiang1,TU Cheng-long1,LIU Wen-jing2,3
  2011(4):488-496 [Abstract(269)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (171)]
Factors influencing the ESR signal intensity of E′1 center of quartz
  Chen Hong-yun1,3,Lin Min2,Sun You-bin1,Zhao Jian-bo1,3
  2011(4):497-502 [Abstract(242)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (152)]
Research on the impact of land use change on soil carbon storage in Xi′an
  WEI Jie1,2,LIU Wei-guo1,3
  2011(4):503-509 [Abstract(262)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (164)]
Analysis of relief amplitude in Liupan Mountain based on DEM
  QIAN Lin-bo1,2,SONG You-gui1
  2011(4):510-515 [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF 6.72 M (126)]
Advances in application of GDGT proxies in terrestrial environment
  WANG Huan-ye1,2,LIU Wei-guo1,3,ZHANG Chuan-lun4,5,LU Hong-xuan1
  2011(4):516-524 [Abstract(250)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (170)]
Progress of research on responses of plants to elevated CO2 concentration in recent three years
  LIU Qiang1,2,CHEN Yi-ping1
  2011(4):525-531 [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF 1.57 M (167)]
The research on drought disasters and climate events in Beijing from 1425 to 1643 in Ming Dynasty
  CHEN Ying1,ZHAO Jing-bo1,2
  2011(4):532-540 [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF 1.91 M (151)]
Late Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event (OAE2) in northwestern of Tarim Basin
  SONG Chun-hui1,ZHANG Man1,WEI Yin-jie1,FANG Xiao-min2,MENG Qing-quan1,XI Dang-peng3
  2011(4):541-548 [Abstract(305)]  [View PDF 2.40 M (127)]
Study on environmental impact assement of the land use master planning in Xuchang based on ecosystem service value
  SHEN Ning-juan1,2,ZHU Ya-hong1,3,YANG Hong-gang2
  2011(4):549-554 [Abstract(285)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (150)]