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Volume ,Issue 4,2012 Table of Contents

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Oxygen isotope analysis of carbonates using GasBench Ⅱ/isotope ratio mass spectrometer: A discussion about phosphoric acid fractionation factors
  CUI Lin-lin, WANG Xu
  2012(4):923-928 [Abstract(1358)]  [View PDF]
The application of δ13C-DIC on weathering and biogeochemical processes of carbon in rivers
  LI Si-liang, LIU Cong-qiang, DING Hu, HAN Gui-lin
  2012(4):929-935 [Abstract(1486)]  [View PDF]
Differences in δ13C values of bulk organic matter from Chinese loess obtained using two analytic methods
  LI Yang-yang1,2, WANG Qin3, CUI Lin-lin1, YANG Shi-ling1
  2012(4):936-941 [Abstract(1310)]  [View PDF]
Composition patterns of long-chain alkenones in lacustrine settings
  LIU Zhong-hui1, LIU Wei-guo2
  2012(4):942-949 [Abstract(1655)]  [View PDF]
An introduction to clumped isotope
  MA Xiu-feng1,4, ZHANG Zhao-feng2, YAN Shuang2,4, WEI Gang-jian3, DENG Wen-feng2, SUN Wei-dong1
  2012(4):950-959 [Abstract(1726)]  [View PDF]
Assess the effects of environmental and biotic factors on the turnover of soil organic carbon through vertical variations in carbon isotope of soil organic matter
  WANG Guo-an, ZHANG Lei-lei, LIU Xiao-juan
  2012(4):960-968 [Abstract(1140)]  [View PDF]
Study on correlation between δ18Ocarb of reef coral and sea surface salinity—Coral culture experiments at different salinities
  XIAO Ying-kai1,2, ZHANG Yan-ling1,4, LIU Wei-guo2, MA Yun-qi1, HE Mao-yong2, LIAO Qing-qiang3
  2012(4):969-981 [Abstract(1432)]  [View PDF]
Comparisons of lipid biomarkers from suspended particulates and sediments in the Changjiang Estuary and the East China Sea shelf
  JIANG Yi-qing1,2, XING Lei1,2, ZHANG Peng-hui1,2, ZHANG Hai-long1,2, ZHAO Mei-xun1,2
  2012(4):982-994 [Abstract(1241)]  [View PDF]
The progress and prospect of nitrate stable isotopes in rainwaters
  XING Meng1, LIU Wei-guo1,2
  2012(4):995-1004 [Abstract(1182)]  [View PDF]
Early diagenesis impacting C/N and organic isotopic compositions in the lacustrince sediments
  ZHANG Cheng-jun,ZHANG Wan-yi,FAN Rong,GAO Dou
  2012(4):1005-1012 [Abstract(1229)]  [View PDF]
Factors on oxygen isotopic composition of growing plant leaf material in semiarid region
  ZHANG Qing-le1,2, LIU Wei-guo2, CAO Yun-ning2, WEN Qi-bin2, HU Jing2
  2012(4):1013-1018 [Abstract(1147)]  [View PDF]