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Volume ,Issue 4,2014 Table of Contents

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Characteristics and affecting factors of atmospheric pollutants in Xi'an
  GUO Wei, CHENG Yan, FAN Wei, WANG Ni and XIAO Bo
  2014(4) [Abstract(2151)]  [View PDF 492.21 K (990)]
Vertical and temporal variation of PM10 in June in the eastern suburbs, Xi'an
  ZHOU Yue and ZHAO Jing-bo
  2014(4) [Abstract(1668)]  [View PDF 539.43 K (546)]
A 60-year sedimentary record of heavy metal pollution in Sanliqi Lake in Daye City
  ZENG Ling-han, NING Dong-liang, MAO Xin and CHEN Xu
  2014(4) [Abstract(2258)]  [View PDF 883.59 K (668)]
Accumulation of cadmium by Ligusticum chuanxiong and its associated health risk under different land use types
  ZHOU Si-jian, ZHAO Yin-quan, PENG Pei-hao and SUN Chuan-min
  2014(4) [Abstract(1888)]  [View PDF 481.97 K (804)]
Effects of gangue with different substrates on the growth of Chinese cabbage
  WANG Li-hua, GUAN Yu, WANG Dao-han, LIU Dong-yue, FU Xing and LI Yong-le
  2014(4) [Abstract(1749)]  [View PDF 399.30 K (691)]
Study on conditions optimization of residual sludge and nutrient soil co-composting
  LI Jia-liang, ZHANG Hui, XU Jing, SHAN Chang-qing, LI Yang and LIU Mei-ting
  2014(4) [Abstract(1578)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (765)]
Mercury polluted characteristic and its health risk assessment in a thermometer factory site
  ZHU Xiao-long, LU Zai-liang, WEI Xiao-fang, MA Ning, GAO Xian-ping, CHENG Xi, XI Hai-su, CHEN Qi-si and CHEN Li
  2014(4) [Abstract(1777)]  [View PDF 606.22 K (556)]
Water quality target management technology—A case study of TMDL implementation of Beaver River Basin planning
  WANG Dao-han, LI Xiao-xu, FENG Si-jing, MENG Ye, HE Yu-shu and WANG Yong-gang
  2014(4) [Abstract(1646)]  [View PDF 1.86 M (690)]
Analysis on the differences of main pollutants emission intensity in Fujian Province
  CHEN Yi-ping, ZHENG Chao-hong and LIU Xing-ying
  2014(4) [Abstract(1772)]  [View PDF 414.26 K (688)]
Existing situation, problems and countermeasures on amelioration of soil matrix in mining wasteland
  MO Ai, ZHOU Yao-zhi and YANG Jian-jun
  2014(4) [Abstract(1728)]  [View PDF 507.67 K (1191)]