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Volume ,Issue 6,2014 Table of Contents

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Reconstruction of 2 significant typhoon paths in the 17th century Japan
  KOBAYASHI Yuga and PAN Wei
  2014(6):363-369 [Abstract(714)]  [View PDF]
Reconstructing of historical typhoon frequency and analysis of typhoon paths influcing northern Zhejiang from 1815 to 1869 AD
  ZHENG Wei-wei, TANG Jing and YANG Yu-da
  2014(6):370-377 [Abstract(712)]  [View PDF]
The initial time of the rainy season on the Loess Plateau during 1766—1950 and its response to the summer monsoon
  LIU Huan and PAN Wei
  2014(6):378-384 [Abstract(713)]  [View PDF]
A comparison of spatial and temporal distribution of flood and drought in Ming and Qing Dynasty
  ZHANG Kun-jia, Yang Shuai and Su Yun
  2014(6):385-391 [Abstract(695)]  [View PDF]
The reconstruction of dry and wet variation in monsoon boundary zone of northwest China by records of historical documents over the past millennium
  YANG Yu-da, HAN Jian-fu and CHENG Sai-nan
  2014(6):392-399 [Abstract(725)]  [View PDF]
The climatic and harvest backgrounds of dynastic flourishing ages and transitions in China during 210 BC to 960 AD
  YIN Jun, LUO Yu-hong, FANG Xiu-qi and SU Yun
  2014(6):400-409 [Abstract(669)]  [View PDF]
Temporal and spatial variation of the amount of relief grain scheduling in the North China Plain in the Qing Dynasty
  HUANG Huan, XIAO Ling-bo, LUO Yu-hong and FANG Xiu-qi
  2014(6):410-416 [Abstract(659)]  [View PDF]
A case study of the Bohai Sea coastal waterlogging phenomenon and it's causes in MWP—based on Beijing Yanfang Lake
  SHAO Shuang-long and PAN Wei
  2014(6):417-424 [Abstract(675)]  [View PDF]
From small Wei-field pattern to Garden-style farmland: the variation of river density in Shanghai over the past century
  YAN Fang-fang, MAN Zhi-min and PAN Wei
  2014(6):425-433 [Abstract(647)]  [View PDF]
Past climate studies in China during the last 2000 years from historical documents
  TAN Liang-cheng, MA Le, MAO Rui-xue and CAI Yan-jun
  2014(6):434-440 [Abstract(770)]  [View PDF]