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Volume ,Issue 1,2016 Table of Contents

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Influence of Tibetan Plateau uplift on dust cycle in arid and semi-arid region of Asia in winter
  LI Xinzhou1,2
  2016(1):1-11 [Abstract(922)]  [View PDF 7.47 M (540)]
Cloud microphysical properties and parameterization of cloud droplet effective radius from aircraft measurements: aircraft observational results from a stratiform precipitation cloud
  XIE Xiaoning1, WANG Zhaosheng1, WANG Hongli2, YUE Zhiguo3
  2016(1):12-18 [Abstract(1463)]  [View PDF 1.92 M (1178)]
Charcoal concentration reflect of environment change and human activities in Xiadawu Relic, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  ZHAO Yajuan1,2, HOU Guangliang1,2, E Chongyi1,2, YANG long1,2, WANG Qingbo1,2
  2016(1):19-26 [Abstract(1086)]  [View PDF 2.91 M (571)]
Nitrate source proportional contributions in the Chanhe and Bahe rivers— Using its isotopic ratios in combination with a Bayesian isotope mixing mode
  XING Meng1,2, LIU Weiguo1,2
  2016(1):27-36 [Abstract(1187)]  [View PDF 1.33 M (865)]
Ozone (O3) pollution in eastern China: It’s formation and a potential air quality problem in the region
  TIE Xuexi1,2, DAI Wenting2,1
  2016(1):37-43 [Abstract(864)]  [View PDF 3.58 M (567)]
Composition, hygroscopicity and light absorption of water-soluble fraction of PM2.5 at a rural site near Beijing
  HAN Yanni1,2, WANG Gehui1
  2016(1):44-54 [Abstract(1186)]  [View PDF 2.68 M (719)]
Characteristics and sources of black carbon in agricultural soils from a county in central China
  ZHAN Changlin1,2, WAN Dejun3, WANG Ping2, HAN Yongming2, ZHANG Jiaquan1, LIU Hongxia1, XIAO Wensheng1, LIU Xianli1
  2016(1):55-64 [Abstract(1074)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (742)]
Effects of biochar on water infiltration and water holding capacity of loessial soil
  XIE Qian1, WANG Limei1, QI Ruipeng2, WANG Tongtong1, ZHENG Jiyong1,3
  2016(1):65-76 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 4.55 M (587)]
Estimation of urban impervious surfaces by linear spectral mixture analysis
  YANG Chaobin1,2, HE Xingyuan1, ZHANG Shuwen1, TANG Junmei3, BU Kun1, YU Lingxue1, YAN Fengqin1,2
  2016(1):77-84 [Abstract(959)]  [View PDF 5.13 M (901)]
Applicability research on carbon storage in the Xilin Gol Grassland by InVEST Model
  ZHANG Wenhua1, JIA Zhibin1, ZHUO Yi1,2, Tegusi1, JIANG Xinyang1
  2016(1):85-96 [Abstract(950)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (571)]