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Volume ,Issue 4,2017 Table of Contents

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Progress on the study of initial value for 129I dating
  FAN Yukun1, 2, ZHOU Weijian1, 2, HOU Xiaolin1, 2
  2017(4):285-291 [Abstract(2657)]  [View PDF 1.93 M (1834)]
Progress of research on the burial efficiency of organic carbon and its influencing factors in lacustrine sediments
  HAO Shengtun, ZHOU Aifeng, ZHANG Xiaonan, WU Duo, YIN Liying
  2017(4):292-306 [Abstract(4318)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (3905)]
Review of fugitive dust dispersion law from large open-yard of stockpile
  DUAN Zhenya1, 2, LIU Yongzhen1, 2, WANG Kai1, 2, ZHANG Yang3, LAN Zhujun1, 2, XU Enle1
  2017(4):307-319 [Abstract(3001)]  [View PDF 9.50 M (2313)]
Research status and prospect of recharge clogging of groundwater heat pump
  KANG Han, WANG Mouwei, ZANG Chunyue, PAN Jun
  2017(4):320-326 [Abstract(2326)]  [View PDF 1.83 M (1646)]


Level and characteristic of 129I of rain samples in Xi’an region, China
  CHEN Ning1, 2, 3, ZHOU Weijian1, 2, 4, HOU Xiaolin1, 2, FAN Yukun1, 2, XIAN Feng1, 2, ZHANG Luyuan1, 2, LIU Qi1, 2, JIANG Xuhong1, 3
  2017(4):327-339 [Abstract(2480)]  [View PDF 2.06 M (1911)]
Trends of Δ14C content in tree rings from Jinfo Mountain, Chongqing for period 2004—2013
  WU Shugang1, 2, ZHOU Xiaolong1, CHENG Peng1, 2, XIONG Xiaohu1, 2
  2017(4):340-346 [Abstract(2437)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (1638)]
Tourists visiting impact on microclimate and the risk analysis of Wei-Jin dynasty tombs, Jiayuguan, China
  LIU Hongli1, 2, WANG Xudong1, 2, ZHANG Zhengmo2, GUO Qinglin2, CHEN Gangquan2, ZHANG Xiaodong3
  2017(4):347-356 [Abstract(2169)]  [View PDF 6.79 M (1449)]
A case study on the effects of micro-topography and rainfall events on 0 — 5 m soil moisture at a slope of the Loess Plateau
  HE Meina1, TONG Yongping1, WANG Yunqiang2, LU Yudong1, ZHAO Yali2
  2017(4):357-366 [Abstract(2675)]  [View PDF 5.26 M (1618)]
Low-flow pressure gradient pumping for active absorption of CO2 on a molecular sieve and its application
  HOU Yaoyao1, 2, 4, ZHOU Weijian1, 2, 3, CHENG Peng1, 2, WU Shugang1, 2, XIONG Xiaohu1, 2, NIU Zhenchuan1, 2, FU Yunchong1, 2
  2017(4):367-378 [Abstract(2351)]  [View PDF 2.73 M (1803)]