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Volume ,Issue 4,2018 Table of Contents

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Conf. Rpt.
  2018(4) [Abstract(1237)]  [View PDF 3.24 M (950)]


Water quality assessment and sustainable strategy for the Yellow River in summertime
  ZHAO Mengmeng1, FAN Taotao1, BROWN Emaneghemi1, CHEN Yiping2, 3
  2018(4):305-315 [Abstract(2063)]  [View PDF 1.49 M (1302)]
Variational characteristics of CO2 concentrations and δ13C values at the urban sites in Beijing and Xiamen, China
  FENG Xue1, 2, 3, 4, WANG Sen1, 2, NIU Zhenchuan3, 4
  2018(4):316-322 [Abstract(2102)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (1442)]
Spatiotemporal distribution pattern of ambient air pollution and its correlation with meteorological factors in Urumqi
  SHENG Yongcai1, 2, ZIBIBULA·Simayi1, 2, 3, WANG Yingpeng1, WANG Xian1, 2, LI Ying1, 2
  2018(4):323-333 [Abstract(2047)]  [View PDF 2.10 M (1547)]
Distribution and conversion mechanism of ammonium in PM2.5 and gaseous precursors in Nanchang
  HUANG Hong1, 2, HE Bingjie1, XIONG Zhenyu1, ZOU Changwei1, 2, LIU Xing1, HUANG Yexing1, TAN Yeling1, LIU Yi1
  2018(4):334-347 [Abstract(2116)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (1255)]
Profile distribution characteristics of dissolved inorganic carbon and base ions in different salt content soils
  BAI Shuguang, JIAO Yan, WEN Huiyang, GU Peng, YANG Jie
  2018(4):348-355 [Abstract(2291)]  [View PDF 908.87 K (1160)]
Influence of heavy metal dry deposition on soil in flue gas of municipal solid waste incineration power generation project
  FU Peng1, MO Xinyue2, SHU Lu2, LÜ Wei1
  2018(4):356-362 [Abstract(1823)]  [View PDF 2.64 M (1321)]
Effects of NO on DNA and photosynthesis of mung bean seedlings under Cd2+ stress
  LI Huimin1, 2, LUO Fenlan1, HE Junmin1
  2018(4):363-371 [Abstract(1954)]  [View PDF 1.20 M (1090)]
Field water dynamics in Mu Us Sand Land with shallow groundwater table
  BAO Han1, ZHANG Guobiao1, HOU Lizhu2, SHEN Jiangen3
  2018(4):372-382 [Abstract(2248)]  [View PDF 1.35 M (1148)]
Discussing sources of moisture feeding the glaciers on the Ulugh Muztagh, Kunlun Mountain
  SUN Yong1, 2, YI Chaolu1, LIU Jinhua1, 2, WU Yubin1, 2
  2018(4):383-391 [Abstract(2375)]  [View PDF 2.72 M (1560)]
Climatic responses of radial growth of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica in the core area of Hulunbeier Sandy Land
  BAO Guang1, 2, LIU Na1, 2
  2018(4):392-397 [Abstract(1837)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (1147)]


Abstract proceedings of the 1st "Youth Symposium of Cosmogenic Nuclide Measurement Technology and Application"
  2018(4):398-414 [Abstract(1529)]  [View PDF 991.78 K (1563)]