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Volume ,Issue 5,2019 Table of Contents

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Stratigraphic attribute and origin of the Xiyu conglomerates in NW China: progress and prospect
  LI Bingjing1, WU Dengyun1, PANG Lichen1, LÜ Honghua1,2, ZHENG Xiangmin1,2, LI Youli3
  2019(5):427-440 [Abstract(1893)]  [View PDF 18.46 M (1224)]
Research and model application in ecological carrying capacity
  WEI Xiaoxu1,2, YAN Changzhen1
  2019(5):441-452 [Abstract(1733)]  [View PDF 744.38 K (1227)]


An Asian inland aridification enhancement event at ~39 Ma recorded by total organic carbon isotopes from Xining Basin
  FANG Yahui1, 2, FANG Xiaomin1, 3, ZAN Jinbo1, 3, ZHANG Tao1, YANG Yibo1, 3, YE Chengcheng1, BAI Yan1, 3
  2019(5):453-464 [Abstract(1498)]  [View PDF 4.32 M (1068)]
Response of global temperature extremes in mid-Holocene: results from MPI-ESM-P experiments
  REN Xin1, 2, SHI Zhengguo1, 3
  2019(5):465-478 [Abstract(1762)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (1096)]
Hydrogen isotope ratios of modern soil water from different latitudes parts of China: characteristics and effect factors
  WANG Sizhuang1, 2, LIU Weiguo1, 2
  2019(5):479-486 [Abstract(1557)]  [View PDF 1.14 M (1127)]
Isolation and degradation effect of two ammonifying bacteria
  WANG Hong1, 2, 3, XU Jie1, 2, RUAN Aidong1, 2, XU Yaofei1, 2, WEI Qi1, 2, LI Siyan1, 2
  2019(5):487-495 [Abstract(1607)]  [View PDF 3.21 M (968)]
Mechanism of plant cell absorb cadmium and its influence on stoma development
  ZHENG Hongchun, LIU Jiao, WANG Han, WANG Miao
  2019(5):496-502 [Abstract(2265)]  [View PDF 15.67 M (1760)]
Impact of land use change in Huainan coalmine area on regional landscape pattern
  ZHANG Yin1, CHEN Cheng2, YI Qitao1, PAN Ying1, BU Zhongyuan1
  2019(5):503-513 [Abstract(2075)]  [View PDF 4.25 M (977)]
Risk assessment of hail disaster for main crops in Baoji
  CHEN Hao1, 2, CAO Ru1, 2, WANG Yudan3
  2019(5):514-524 [Abstract(1809)]  [View PDF 3.13 M (1167)]


20 世纪后期北半球热带地区的干旱可能受自然驱动
  2019(5):525-526 [Abstract(1019)]  [View PDF 388.87 K (833)]


  2019(5) [Abstract(1153)]  [View PDF 375.02 K (1183)]