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Volume ,Issue 5,2020 Table of Contents

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Sustainable consumption, human well-being and environmental impacts: progress and issues
  SU Fang1, FAN Bingjie1, SONG Nini1, SHANG Haiyang2
  2020(5):463-474 [Abstract(979)]  [View PDF 894.79 K (510)]


Model based on SSA-XGBoost method for predicting precipitation change trends
  XU Lei1, WANG Tianli2, 3, LIU Songguo4, LI Dong5, LI Wei1, TAN Liangcheng2, 6, 7
  2020(5):475-485 [Abstract(1585)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (608)]
Glacier surface elevation change on the Karlik Mountain from 2000 to 2018 by remote sensing method
  JI Weiqian, DU Weibing, WANG Shuangting, ZHENG Xifang
  2020(5):486-496 [Abstract(1327)]  [View PDF 10.94 M (451)]
Characteristics of black carbon and PM2.5 concentration and influencing factors over suburban of southwest Chengdu
  YANG Miaolin1, ZHANG Xiaoling1, 2, YUAN Liang1
  2020(5):509-523 [Abstract(1447)]  [View PDF 2.92 M (500)]
Speciation distribution and environmental pollution assessment of heavy metals in sediments from wastewater pond of a pyrite mine
  ZHONG Qiaohui1, 2, WANG Yuxuan3, REN Shixing3, ZHOU Yuting3, WU Yang3, YIN Meiling3, WEI Xudong3, BAI Xiuming3, WANG Jin3, ZHANG Zhaofeng1, LIU Juan3
  2020(5):524-535 [Abstract(1248)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (580)]
Study on exogenous pollution loads analysis in the Yongding section of the Tingjiang River Basin
  HUANG Yicheng1, 3, FANG Hongda2, 3, LIU Wanxin4, CHEN Jinfang2, 3, LIU Yansong4, DU Lan4
  2020(5):536-545 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 6.21 M (503)]
Analysis of geochemical characteristics of the geothermal water in a typical geothermal well in Xianyang area
  DENG Ruolan1, YANG Yinke1, LI Qiang2, YU Miao1
  2020(5):546-553 [Abstract(1080)]  [View PDF 920.26 K (538)]
Recovering Fenton sludge by two-step calcination process
  ANG Bo1, 2, LIU Yan1, ZHANG Yanzong1
  2020(5):554-561 [Abstract(1151)]  [View PDF 11.26 M (456)]
Application of “Safe and Just Operating Space” framework in regional environmental management: a case study of Taibai Lake Catchment
  SU Yanyu1, 2, DONG Xuhui1, 2
  2020(5):562-573 [Abstract(1078)]  [View PDF 9.79 M (410)]


  金钊1, 2
  2020(5):574-582 [Abstract(2057)]  [View PDF 65.64 M (578)]