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Volume ,Issue 3,2022 Table of Contents

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Fossils history of Pinus and its implications in biogeography
  HU Yi1, LIANG Lina1, XIAO Liang1, 2, 3, LI Xiangchuan1, 2, 3*
  2022(3):243-256 [Abstract(1032)]  [View PDF 19.30 M (487)]
Research progress on single-atom catalysts in environmental catalysis
  SHI Xianjin1, 2, HUANG Yu1*
  2022(3):257-269 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 17.23 M (540)]


ESR chronology of lacustrine sediment in the Fengke reaches of the middle Jinsha River: implications for landslide dammed lake formation
  WANG Kang, YIN Gongming, WEI Chuanyi*, CHENG Li, LIU Chunru, WANG Libin
  2022(3):270-280 [Abstract(798)]  [View PDF 15.67 M (456)]
Optically stimulated luminescence dating of Qingzhou loess since the last glacial period and its climatic implications
  ZHAO Qiuyue1*, ZANG Kaixuan1, 2, PENG Shuzhen1*, ZHOU Rui3, FAN Niannian4, DING Min1, FANG Min1, JI Chunwen1
  2022(3):281-295 [Abstract(786)]  [View PDF 19.96 M (539)]
Grain size end-member components and sedimentary mechanism of Eocene lacustrine sediments in Huangyang River section of Wuwei Basin
  FANG Yanqiu1, WANG Zixuan1, WANG Yilin1, WANG Weiguo2, FU Chaofeng3, DAI Shuang1*, HU Hui1, KONG Xue1, 4
  2022(3):296-307 [Abstract(695)]  [View PDF 16.74 M (449)]
Dynamic response of loess slopes in different geomorphic units in Haiyuan Seismic Zone
  WU Meng, GU Tianfeng*, GU Qi, SONG Zhijie, ZONG Hua
  2022(3):308-318 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 15.81 M (409)]
Ion characteristics of snow in Northeast China and environmental significance
  YANG Liu1, 2, 3, LIU Xin1, MA Keke1, LI Changxiang1, LI Yangzi1, 3, HE Maoyong3, DENG Li3, WANG Ninglian1, HUANG Huayu1, 2, 3*
  2022(3):319-330 [Abstract(815)]  [View PDF 17.36 M (517)]
Temporal and spatial variation of soil organic matter in Shaanxi Province in the past 40 years and its influencing factors
  CAO Jing1, 2, CHEN Yiping1*, WU Junhua1, 2, WANG Hong1, JIANG Yao3
  2022(3):331-343 [Abstract(807)]  [View PDF 18.50 M (435)]
Spatial-temporal variation of soil erosion in Dongjiang source area based on RUSLE model
  SONG Shuihong1, LI Hengkai1*, ZHANG Zhiwei12
  2022(3):344-353 [Abstract(685)]  [View PDF 14.62 M (428)]


  2022(3):354-356 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 4.28 M (419)]