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Volume ,Issue 1,2011 Table of Contents

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The spacial variation of the palaeoclimatic and paleovegetation histories derived from the peat lipid biomarkers from different space framework in China
  ZHOU Wei-jian1,2, CHEN Qing-min1,3, ZHENG Yan-hong4,1
  2011(1):257-262 [Abstract(1705)]  [View PDF 731.57 K (1406)]
Concentrations and size distributions of summertime atmospheric aerosols at urban and alpine sites in east and central China
  DAI Wen-ting1,2, LI Jian-jun1, CHENG Chun-lei1, HE Jian-hui1, CAO Jun-ji1, WANG Ge-hui1
  2011(1):263-271 [Abstract(2095)]  [View PDF 5.99 M (1016)]
Distribution of four kinds of typical enteric pathogens in different surface waters
  ZHANG Ai-ning, YAN Zhi-gang, LIU Li, LIU Yong-jun
  2011(1):272-277 [Abstract(1570)]  [View PDF 553.01 K (1182)]
A study on change of soil CO2 concentration in north Qinghai Lake
  ZHAO Jing-bo1,2, LI Yan1, CAO Jun-ji 2, YU Ke-ke1
  2011(1):278-284 [Abstract(1517)]  [View PDF 545.77 K (949)]
Reconstruction of the precipitation(May—Oct) in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River(1766—1911)
  PAN Wei1, ZHUANG Hong-zhong1, LI Zhuo-lun2
  2011(1):285-290 [Abstract(1664)]  [View PDF 1.96 M (1163)]
Comparative study of OSL dating on different particle-size of quartz in the middle Yellow River valley region
  GU Hong-liang, ZHOU Ya-li, HUANG Chun-chang, WANG Heng-song, PANG Jiang-li, ZHA Xiao-chun
  2011(1):291-300 [Abstract(1621)]  [View PDF 1.67 M (1147)]
The environmental transformation from late last glacial to Holocene of Otindag sandyland
  YANG Li-rong1, YUE Le-ping1,2
  2011(1):301-306 [Abstract(2031)]  [View PDF 3.66 M (1069)]
Abstract proceedings of the 8th international symposium “Environmental Processes of East Eurasia: Asian Monsoon Changes and Interplay of High and Low Latitude Climate”
  2011(1):307-330 [Abstract(1703)]  [View PDF 573.30 K (6713)]