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Volume ,Issue 5,2011 Table of Contents

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The sustainable development problem and proposal in the key water source area of the middle route project of South-to-North water diversion
  LI De-ren1,GONG Jian-ya1,CHEN Xiao-ling1,ZENG Qun2
  2011(5):555-568 [Abstract(366)]  [View PDF]
The climate dynamics of the Western Pacific Warm Pool on the millennial to orbital time scales
  SHIAU Liang-jian, CHEN Min-te
  2011(5):569-604 [Abstract(360)]  [View PDF]
The pollen record from the Hongyuan peatland in the Tibetan Plateau since 13500 year
  ZHOU Wei-jian1,2,3,LIU Zhao1,2,4,WANG Hao1,2,4,YU Shi-yong1,2
  2011(5):605-612 [Abstract(370)]  [View PDF]
Application of grain-size age models on Zhaosu loess stratigraphy in Ili region
  LI Chuan-xiang1,2,SONG You-gui1
  2011(5):613-618 [Abstract(374)]  [View PDF]
The research on drought disasters and wavelet analysis in Jinan in Ming Dynasty
  XING Shan1,ZHAO Jing-bo1,2
  2011(5):619-624 [Abstract(329)]  [View PDF]
Using 137Cs technique to investigate soil erosion intensity in Buha River downstream
  WANG Jing-hui1,2,SHA Zhan-jiang1,2,MA Tao3,ZHANG Juan1,2,FENG Yong-sheng4
  2011(5):625-629 [Abstract(339)]  [View PDF]
Research on carbon source and sink of farmland ecosystem in Shaanxi Province
  KANG Miao-miao,XIAO Ling,YU Fei,JI Fu-rong,ZHU Yan
  2011(5):630-636 [Abstract(356)]  [View PDF]