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Volume ,Issue 1,2012 Table of Contents

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The geological records of “Mystery Interval” in the last 21 ka
  ZHOU Wei-jian1,2,3, WANG Hao1,4, ZHU Yi-zhi1,, XIAN Feng1, LIU Zhao1,4
  2012(1):685-691 [Abstract(2388)]  [View PDF]
A review on research of loess and environmental change in west Sichuan Plateau of the eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
  OU Xian-jiao1,2, ZENG Lan-hua1, ZHOU Shang-zhe3, LAI Zhong-ping2
  2012(1):692-704 [Abstract(2384)]  [View PDF]
The uncertainty associated with the climate change in the stable isotope based paleoaltimetry: the new insights from the study of stalagmites
  CAI Yan-jun1,2, QIN Shi-jiang1,3
  2012(1):705-711 [Abstract(2336)]  [View PDF]
The past 1500 years climate change recorded in peat humification at Xianshan in Northern of Fujian Province
  HU Fan-gen1,3, LI Zhi-zhong1,2,3, JIN Jian-hui1,2,3, ZHANG Hui1,3, ZHAO Qian1,3
  2012(1):712-720 [Abstract(2344)]  [View PDF]
The surface hue and saturation of peat cores based on ImageJ software
  YU Xue-feng1,2, ZHENG Yan-hong3,1, LIU Zhao1,2,4
  2012(1):721-728 [Abstract(2824)]  [View PDF]
10Be evidence for the Laschamp excursion in Malan loess and its preliminary comparison with that of paleogeomagnetic study
  XIAN Feng1,2, ZHOU Wei-jian1,2, WU Zhen-kun1,2, KONG Xiang-hui1,2, ZHAO Guo-qing1,2
  2012(1):729-734 [Abstract(2482)]  [View PDF]
Average life expectance and mortality pattern at Nanzhaizi archaeological site, Tongguan, Shaanxi Province
  YU Shi-Yong1,2, KANG Zhi-hai1,2
  2012(1):735-742 [Abstract(2564)]  [View PDF]