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Volume ,Issue 5,2012 Table of Contents

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A brief history of PM2.5, its measurement and adverse effects
  CHOW Judith C1,2, CAO Jun-ji2, LI Shun-cheng2,3, WANG Xiao-liang1, WATSON John G1,2
  2012(5):1019-1029 [Abstract(1971)]  [View PDF]
Pollution status and control strategies of PM2.5 in China
  CAO Jun-ji
  2012(5):1030-1036 [Abstract(2650)]  [View PDF]
Impact of burning fireworks during Spring Festival to PM2.5 of Xi′an
  XU Hong-mei1,2,ZHANG Ting1,LIU Sui-xin1
  2012(5):1037-1042 [Abstract(1954)]  [View PDF]
Summer and winter characteristics of indoor and outdoor carbonaceous aerosol in a university campus
  HUANG Hong, ZOU Chang-wei, LIU Xiao-juan, XU Bao-ping
  2012(5):1043-1047 [Abstract(1694)]  [View PDF]
Preliminary analysis of winter visibility variation in Xi′an, China
  WANG Yi-chen1,3,CAO Jun-ji1,2,WANG Qi-yuan2,REN Peng-kui4,XIAO Shun1,5
  2012(5):1048-1052 [Abstract(2203)]  [View PDF]
Day-night pollution characteristics of PM10 during winter and spring over Xi′an
  LIU Li1,2, GUO Rui-ying3, SHEN Zhen-xing1,2, LI Jian-jun2, LIU Sui-xin2, ZHANG Qian1
  2012(5):1053-1059 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF]
Characteristic and source identifications of PM2.5 and carbonaceous aerosol at Sanya durning 2011 winter
  ZHOU Jia-mao1, ZHAO You-zhi2, LIU Sui-xin1, XU Yun-sheng2, CAO Jun-ji1,3
  2012(5):1060-1065 [Abstract(5126)]  [View PDF]
Molecular composition and seasonal variation of hydroxylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric PM2.5 of Nanjng, China
  SHEN Guo-feng1, WANG Ge-hui2
  2012(5):1066-1069 [Abstract(2119)]  [View PDF]
Spatial-temporal variations of organic and elemental carbons in Xi′an, China
  WANG Ping1,2, LI Wen-tao3, YANG Su-xia1, HUANG Yu1
  2012(5):1070-1077 [Abstract(2242)]  [View PDF]
Characteristics and health risk assessment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in junior middle school in Xi′an
  NIU Xin-yi1, CAO Jun-ji2,3, XU Hong-mei2,4, GUINOT Benjamin2, CAO Nan-ying2
  2012(5):1078-1084 [Abstract(2142)]  [View PDF]
Variations in concentrations of different size fractions of atmospheric particulate matter from Jinghe National Climate Reference Observatory in Xi′an, China
  XIAO Shun1,2,3, XU Hong-mei2, ZHANG Lie-rui4, SHEN Zhen-xing5, ZHANG Gao-jian4, WEI Jun-tao4, SHEN Jin4, YAO Dong-sheng6
  2012(5):1085-1090 [Abstract(2401)]  [View PDF]
Characterization and sources of PM2.5 inside pottery storage room at Emperor Qin′s Terra-cotta Museum in summer
  LI Hua1,2,3, HU Ta-feng1, GAO Yuan4, LIU Sui-xin1
  2012(5):1091-1096 [Abstract(2296)]  [View PDF]
PM2.5 mass concentration and aerosol optical characteristics in Shanghai in winter
  JIAO Yan1,2, ZHANG Ren-jian2, FU Gang1, WU Yun-fei2, TAO Jun3, CHENG Tian-tao4, LENG Chun-peng4
  2012(5):1097-1103 [Abstract(2039)]  [View PDF]
Chemical composition of PM2.5 and its impact on visibility at Chengdu in 2010 winter
  WANG Qi-yuan1,2, TAO Jun3, REN Peng-kui4, SHENG Zhen-xing1, LUO Lei5, TANG Xin-ying5
  2012(5):1104-1108 [Abstract(1883)]  [View PDF]
The air pollution changes of Guanzhong cities in the recent 30 years and the controls
  ZHOU Ni1, ZHAO Jing-bo1, 2
  2012(5):1109-1116 [Abstract(1875)]  [View PDF]