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Volume ,Issue 5,2013 Table of Contents

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Correlation studies on palaeoflood events in the drainage area of Yangtze and Yellow River during the Holocene
  ZHOU Xiao-long and YU Xue-feng
  2013(5):1427-1436 [Abstract(2467)]  [View PDF 1.39 M (911)]
Effects of ENSO events on climate of northern Ordos during 60 years
  WANG Xing-min and ZHAO Jing-bo
  2013(5):1437-1443 [Abstract(2374)]  [View PDF 541.35 K (839)]
Characteristics of climate changes during the instrumental period in the eastern and southern Mongolian Plateau and their ecological-environmental effects
  BAO Guang, LIU Yu, LIU Na and WANG Wei-ping
  2013(5):1444-1449 [Abstract(2614)]  [View PDF 3.56 M (797)]
Tree-ring-based seasonal precipitation reconstruction in Mt. Shennong for the last 162 years
  ZHANG Yan-hua, LIU Yu, SONG Hui-ming, LEI Ying, MA Yong-yong and WANG Yan-chao
  2013(5):1450-1460 [Abstract(2573)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (783)]
Ants' hill-building activities on the plant community structure in alpine meadow grassland in the northern Qinghai Lake, China
  CHEN Ji, CAO Jun-ji, ZHANG Si-yi, FAN Yun-long, WANG Xiao-fei and WEI Yong-lin
  2013(5):1461-1469 [Abstract(2500)]  [View PDF 691.83 K (825)]
Monitoring and analysis of dynamic change of land use in Handan City
  LIU Chang-yu, FENG Zhong-ke, SHANG Shu and DONG Si-yi
  2013(5):1470-1480 [Abstract(2275)]  [View PDF 6.29 M (929)]