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Volume ,Issue 2,2014 Table of Contents

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Implication of pedogenic fine-grained magnetic material in loess sediment
  JIA Jia, WANG You-jun, XIA Dun-sheng, WEN Yang-lei and LIU Jia-bo
  2014(2):49-55 [Abstract(3112)]  [View PDF 10.19 M (1333)]
The characteristics of distribution of trace elements and their paleoclimatic implications at the Zhaosu Loess Section in Westerly Area since the Last Glacial Period
  LI Chuan-xiang and SONG You-gui
  2014(2):56-66 [Abstract(2582)]  [View PDF 3.61 M (1771)]
Chroma characteristics in the Zhaosu loess section and its paleoclimatic significance
  LI Yue, SONG You-gui and WANG Qian-suo
  2014(2):67-75 [Abstract(3363)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (2063)]
Grain-size characteristics of Kunlun Mountains loess and its environmental implication
  LIU Jia-bo, WEN Yang-lei, ZHAO Shuang, LI Guan-hua, JIA Jia, WEI Hai-tao and XIA Dun-sheng
  2014(2):76-84 [Abstract(3801)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (2038)]
Magnetic susceptibility variation of loess deposit in the Southern Junggar Basin and its influence factors
  WEN Yang-lei, WANG You-jun, LIU Jia-bo, ZHAO Shuang, LI Guan-hua, JIA Jia and XIA Dun-sheng
  2014(2):85-92 [Abstract(3071)]  [View PDF 772.97 K (1470)]
Rare earth elements characteristics in different grain sizes and phases of Zhaosu loess in Yili Basin and their provenance implications
  JIA Li-Min, CHEN Xiu-ling, YANG Yi-bo and LI Jin-chan
  2014(2):93-101 [Abstract(2994)]  [View PDF 4.51 M (1448)]
The distribution of geochemical elements in different grain-size fractions of desert sediments in Ili Valley of Xinjiang, China
  LI Jin-chan, CHEN Xiu-ling, JIA Li-min and LI Zhi-zhong
  2014(2):102-110 [Abstract(2796)]  [View PDF 2.45 M (1603)]
Loess deposit on the terrace of Ningjia River in the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountains and its magnetic characteristics
  LÜ Bin, LIU Xiu-ming and CHEN Xiu-ling
  2014(2):111-119 [Abstract(3507)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (1641)]
Grain size composition of West Kunlun Mountains loess in the past 1 Ma and its paleoclimatic implications
  ZAN Jin-bo, YANG Sheng-li and FANG Xiao-min
  2014(2):120-126 [Abstract(2901)]  [View PDF 4.15 M (1412)]
Formation of the Tacheng Loess, Xinjiang
  LI Yun, SONG You-gui, YAN Li-bin and CHEN Tao
  2014(2):127-134 [Abstract(3588)]  [View PDF 10.27 M (1627)]
Magnetic susceptibility characteristics of near-surface loess in the Ili basin, Xinjiang
  ZENG Meng-xiu and SONG You-gui
  2014(2):135-144 [Abstract(2921)]  [View PDF 6.58 M (1472)]
Mineralogical and REE geochemical compositions of Tajikistan loess
  SONG You-gui, LI Yue, CHEN Xiu-ling and LI Yun
  2014(2):145-154 [Abstract(3336)]  [View PDF 9.11 M (1992)]
Study on the influence of carbonate content on magnetic susceptibility of Talede loess-paleosol sequences in westerly area of China
  ZHANG Wen-xiang, SHI Zheng-tao, LIU Yong, SU Huai and MING Qing-zhong
  2014(2):155-162 [Abstract(2778)]  [View PDF 1010.45 K (1622)]
The environmental change records since the Last Glaciation at Zeketai loess section, central Asia
  E Chong-yi, YANG Tai-bao, LAI Zhong-ping, SUN Yong-juan and JIANG Ying-ying
  2014(2):163-172 [Abstract(3338)]  [View PDF 3.33 M (1891)]