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Volume ,Issue 1,2015 Table of Contents

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Research on annual extreme temperature in recent 51 years in Leshan, Sichuan Province
  XIA Fei and ZHAO Jing-bo
  2015(1):1-10 [Abstract(2225)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (1105)]
Risk assessment of extreme rainfall in the Yangtze River Delta based on scenario simulation
  WANG Xuan, YIN Zhan-e and CHI Xiao-xiao
  2015(1):11-16 [Abstract(2059)]  [View PDF 3.45 M (1191)]
Magnetic properties of river sediments in Fuzhou and their environmental significance
  LI Jin-chan, CHEN Xiu-ling, FANG Hong, ZHANG Xue-qiong and YANG Hong-yu
  2015(1):17-25 [Abstract(1988)]  [View PDF 946.34 K (1040)]
Reversal of tropospheric meridional temperature gradient south of the Tibetan Plateau during spring-summer transition and its relation to Asian summer monsoon onsetand precipitation change
  LI Yan-yun and LIU Xiao-dong
  2015(1):26-34 [Abstract(2331)]  [View PDF 7.61 M (1069)]
The feasibility of calculating reference crop evapotranspiration by Hargreaves equation over Qinghai lake basin
  Li Yue-tan, Li Xiao-yan and Li Guang-yong
  2015(1):35-43 [Abstract(1835)]  [View PDF 643.65 K (1183)]
Hourly characteristic of chemical composition and hygroscopic property of TSP in Xi'an during dust storm
  HUANG Yao, WANG Ge-hui, HAN Yan-ni, CHENG Chun-lei, LI Jian-jun, REN Yan-qin, CHEN Yu-bao and WANG Jia-yuan
  2015(1):44-53 [Abstract(2242)]  [View PDF 6.93 M (1014)]
Health risk assessment of heavy metals in the groundwater of rural area, northern Anhui Province
  WANG Yao, LIN Man-li, QI Qing-qing, WANG Si-wei and XIE Zhe
  2015(1):54-59 [Abstract(2266)]  [View PDF 770.18 K (1153)]
Health risk assessment based on bioavailability of heavy metals in contaminated sites
  LI Hua, LI Hai-long, ZHU Yu-en, LIU Miao, SHI Wei-yu, CHEN Yi-ping and WU Shan
  2015(1):60-66 [Abstract(2756)]  [View PDF 486.47 K (1504)]