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Volume ,Issue 2,2015 Table of Contents

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Did northern Tibetan Plateau uplift during Pliocene? A modeling test
  SHI Zheng-guo, LIU Xiao-dong and SHA Ying-ying
  2015(2):67-80 [Abstract(669)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of changes in extreme precipitation in Xuzhou City based on peaks-over-threshold approach and poisson regression
  XIA Geng-rui and PEI Feng-song
  2015(2):81-86 [Abstract(642)]  [View PDF]
Variation characteristics of extreme temperature and cycle of Changde in the past five decades
  ZHOU Xue-feng and ZHAO Jing-bo
  2015(2):87-97 [Abstract(615)]  [View PDF]
Charcoal concentration reflect of environment change and human activities in Qinghai-Lake JXG2 relic
  JIANG Ying-ying, E Chong-yi, HOU Guang-liang, SUN Yong-juan, LI Fan, ZHAO Ya-juan and YANG Long
  2015(2):98-105 [Abstract(871)]  [View PDF]
Method for calculating reference crop evapotranspiration by revised Hargreaves equation over Qinghai Lake basin
  LI Yue-tan, LI Xiao-yan and CUI Bu-li
  2015(2):106-112 [Abstract(612)]  [View PDF]
Effect of natural organic matter fraction on desorption characteristic of ammonium nitrogen on sediment in Western Liao River
  ZHAO Dong-yang, WANG Ya-di and WANG Er-li
  2015(2):113-119 [Abstract(600)]  [View PDF]
Removing Pb and Cd from soil by Organic chelators
  XU Duan-ping and LI Xiao-bo
  2015(2):120-126 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF]
Review of influence of cloud droplet spectral dispersion on aerosol indirect effects
  XIE Xiao-ning, LIU Xiao-dong and WANG Zhao-sheng
  2015(2):127-134 [Abstract(700)]  [View PDF]