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Volume ,Issue 3,2015 Table of Contents

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A high resolution paleoclimate record of the last 2300 years in stalagmite QX-3 from the Qixing Cave, Guizhou Province
  MA Le, CAI Yan-jun and QIN Shi-jiang
  2015(3):135-144 [Abstract(1411)]  [View PDF 12.09 M (633)]
Holocene climate changes recorded by CaCO3 in the DGS1 segment in the southeast of the Mu Us Desert, China
  WANG Feng-nian, LI Bao-sheng, NIU Dong-feng, WEN Xiao-hao, LI Zhi-wen, SI Yue-jun, GUO Yi-hua, YANG Zhi-ying and LIU En-bo
  2015(3):145-153 [Abstract(870)]  [View PDF 1.89 M (642)]
Temperature variability referred from tree rings in central and western Qinling Mountains, China
  BAO Guang, LIU Na and LIU Yu
  2015(3):154-160 [Abstract(1061)]  [View PDF 3.71 M (582)]
Characteristics of different magnitude precipitation change in Shanghai during 1961—2010
  WANG Xuan, YIN Zhan-e, CHI Xiao-xiao and YIN Jie
  2015(3):161-167 [Abstract(844)]  [View PDF 4.19 M (585)]
Relationship of plant leaf wax n-alkanes molecular distribution characteristics and vegetation types
  LIU Hu and LIU Wei-guo
  2015(3):168-179 [Abstract(1101)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (612)]
Identifying urban bias for homogenized surface air temperature series of the North China
  JIN Kai, WANG Fei, XIA Lei and MU Xing-min
  2015(3):180-187 [Abstract(787)]  [View PDF 3.88 M (374)]
Dynamics of deep soil moisture under different vegetation types in the wind-water erosion crisscross on the Chinese Loess Plateau
  FU Zi-huan, WANG Yun-Qiang and AN Zhi-sheng
  2015(3):188-194 [Abstract(735)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (636)]
Effects of pyrolysis temperature, time and biochar mass ratio on pH value determination for four Biochar solutions
  ZHOU Qiang, HUANG Dai-kuan, YU Lang and PENG Fu-rong
  2015(3):195-200 [Abstract(785)]  [View PDF 409.25 K (905)]