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Volume ,Issue 4,2015 Table of Contents

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Late Pleistocene environmental change in the Xitaijinair salt lake region,Qaidam Basin
  ZENG Fang-ming and ZHANG Ping
  2015(4):201-207 [Abstract(2105)]  [View PDF 1.18 M (1283)]
Climatic responses of Pinus bungeana Zucc. and Pinus armandii Franch. in Mt. Zhongtiao, Shanxi Province, and May — July temperature variations since 1920
  CAI Qiu-fang and LIU Yu
  2015(4):208-218 [Abstract(2314)]  [View PDF 3.39 M (1354)]
Spatial distribution and pollution assessment of heavy metals in soil from Guanzhong area
  DENG Wen-bo and LI Xu-xiang
  2015(4):219-223 [Abstract(2534)]  [View PDF 3.04 M (1431)]
A preliminary study of PM2.5 weekend effect in typical cities
  LI Jian-dong, TIE Xue-xi and CAO Jun-ji
  2015(4):224-230 [Abstract(2763)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (2165)]
Study on the coupling relation between eco-environment and geotectonic
  HUANG Jian-jun
  2015(4):231-237 [Abstract(2086)]  [View PDF 464.34 K (1471)]
IEffects of natural vegetation restoration on soil quality on the Loess Plateau
  YAO Xiao-meng, NIU Ya-feng, DANG Zhen-zhen, QIN Miao, WANG Kai-bo, ZHOU Zheng-chao, ZHANG Qiang and LI Jing
  2015(4):238-247 [Abstract(2699)]  [View PDF 481.09 K (1697)]
Analysis of ecosystem management of the Loess Plateau during the past 60 years and suggestions for the future development
  LI Xiang-ru, JIN Zhao, ZHANG Xin-bao and ZHOU Wei-jian
  2015(4):248-254 [Abstract(4558)]  [View PDF 3.93 M (2841)]
The situation, characteristics and effect of the Gully Reclamation Project in Yan'an
  HE Chun-xiong
  2015(4):255-260 [Abstract(3670)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (2561)]
Gully land consolidation project in Yan'an is inheritance and development of wrap land dam project on the Loess Plateau
  ZHANG Xin-bao and JIN Zhao
  2015(4):261-264 [Abstract(2611)]  [View PDF 366.29 K (1611)]