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Volume ,Issue 2,2016 Table of Contents

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Review of the stratigraphy and paleoclimatology study of the Paleogene — Neogene Longzhong Basin
  ZHANG Peng, AO Hong, AN Zhisheng
  2016(2):97-120 [Abstract(2492)]  [View PDF 5.85 M (1504)]
Review of studies on the limitation of nutrients in the eutrophic water
  KONG Fanlong, XI Min, XU Lihua, LI Yue, QIN Peirui
  2016(2):121-129 [Abstract(2796)]  [View PDF 489.84 K (2677)]
The monitoring and analysis methods of volatile organic compounds in the ambient air
  WANG Liqin1, LI Bowei1,2, HUANG Yu1, HO Steven Sai Hang1, XUE Yonggang1, CAO Junji1
  2016(2):130-139 [Abstract(2281)]  [View PDF 518.08 K (2027)]
Environmental archaeology of the Tanjialing Neolithic Site in the Shijiahe Ancient City, the Jianghan Plain of Central China
  WU Li1,2,3, ZHU Cheng3, LI Bing4, LI Feng5, SUN Wei3, WANG Xiaocui5, LIU Hui6, MENG Huaping6, SUN Jue1
  2016(2):140-152 [Abstract(2446)]  [View PDF 2.83 M (1264)]
Impact of soil organic matter on modern soil magnetic susceptibility in Loess Plateau and its surrounding areas
  ZHANG Bo1,2, LIU Weiguo1
  2016(2):153-162 [Abstract(2284)]  [View PDF 2.02 M (1331)]
Space dynamic change of pasture amount and influence factors analysis in Xilin Gol Grassland
  ZHANG Wenhua1, JIA Zhibin, ZHUO Yi1,2, JIANG Xinyang1
  2016(2):163-172 [Abstract(2846)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (4212)]
Ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in the surface sediment of Hongjiannao Lake, Shaanxi Province, China
  YU Xuefeng1, LIU Xiaoqing2,3, WANG Yaping3
  2016(2):173-182 [Abstract(2199)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (1540)]
Concentrations and particle size effect of heavy metals in the street dust of Xuchang City
  YAN Hui1, XIAO Jun2, ZHANG Junli1
  2016(2):183-191 [Abstract(1881)]  [View PDF 912.86 K (1064)]
pH-dependent dissolved iron speciation of dust collected in dust source region
  pH-dependent dissolved iron speciation of dust collected in dust source region
  2016(2):192-199 [Abstract(2223)]  [View PDF 487.47 K (1405)]
Problems and improvements of preparing organic carbon stable isotope samples by sealing tube method
  CAO Yunning1, LIU Weiguo1,2
  2016(2):200-208 [Abstract(1911)]  [View PDF 595.57 K (1212)]