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Volume ,Issue 4,2016 Table of Contents

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Advances and prospects of water sensitivity of loess and the induced loess landslides
  ZHANG Maosheng1,2, HU Wei1,2, SUN Pingping1,2, WANG Xuelian1,2,3
  2016(4):323-334 [Abstract(5587)]  [View PDF 540.22 K (3432)]
Applications of radiocarbon in the terrestrial carbon cycle and related research advances
  XIONG Xiaohu1,2, 3, ZHOU Weijian1,2, DU Hua1,2, CHENG Peng1,2, WU Shugang1,2, NIU Zhenchuan1,2, LU Xuefeng1,2
  2016(4):335-345 [Abstract(3807)]  [View PDF 540.17 K (2378)]
Link between development of the northeast Pamir Plateau and climate changes in the Tarim Basin
  ZHANG Biao1, LI Leyi2,3, LIU Xiangdong1, HE Ningqiang1, DU Biao1, SONG Yuanli1, CHANG Hong2
  2016(4):346-356 [Abstract(4639)]  [View PDF 8.47 M (2423)]
The preliminary study of spatio-temporal change of old carbon effect in Lake Qinghai (NE Tibet-Qinghai Plateau), China
  CHENG Peng1,2,3, LU Xuefeng1,2,3, DU Hua1,2,3, BURR G S1,2,3,4, SONG Shaohua1,2,3, XIAN Feng1,2,3
  2016(4):357-365 [Abstract(3554)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (2040)]
Micromorphological characters of quartz grain from Nilke loess-paleosol sequences and their implications of origin and provenance
  LI Yue1, SONG Yougui1, ZHAO Jingdong2
  2016(4):366-379 [Abstract(3473)]  [View PDF 8.23 M (2058)]
Spatial distribution of surface lake sediment compositions in Kala Kul Lake and its implications for provenances
  YIN Duo1,2, JIN Zhangdong1, ZHANG Fei1, ZHANG Xiaolong3, WANG Xiaqing1, PENG Yumei1
  2016(4):380-392 [Abstract(3057)]  [View PDF 8.88 M (1956)]
Major elemental compositions of Tertiary sediments in Lanzhou Basin and their paleoenvironment implication
  WANG Yang1,2, LIU Xingxing1,2, LI Zaijun3, SUN Donghuai3, SUN Youbin1
  2016(4):393-404 [Abstract(3890)]  [View PDF 5.87 M (2286)]
Distribution characteristics of atmospheric PM1 in spring at Shanghai
  GAO Wei, MAO Xiaoqin
  2016(4):405-411 [Abstract(4599)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (2030)]
Simulating the transport and source of PM2.5 during hazy days in the Guanzhong Basin, China
  LI Guohui1,2, FENG Tian2,3
  2016(4):412-424 [Abstract(3378)]  [View PDF 40.94 M (1501)]
Determination of 10 pharmaceuticals and personal care products in waste water by HPLC-MS/MS
  LU Hongxuan1, LIU Weiguo1,2
  2016(4):425-430 [Abstract(5459)]  [View PDF 453.95 K (2430)]