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Volume ,Issue 1,2017 Table of Contents

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Asian monsoon change and its links to global climate
  AN Zhisheng1, SUN Youbin1, CAI Yanjun1, ZHOU Weijian1, SHEN Ji2
  2017(1):1-5 [Abstract(5777)]  [View PDF 9.64 M (3766)]


Climate responses of tree-ring stable oxygen isotopes from Yadong County, Tibetan Plateau
  LI Qiang1,2 , LIU Yu1,2,3, Takeshi Nakatsuka4, SONG Huiming1,2 , WANG Lili5 , TA Weiyuan1
  2017(1):6-14 [Abstract(3337)]  [View PDF 6.71 M (2047)]
Black carbon record of Loess-paleosol profile and climate change at Heshui site during Holocene
  LIAO Bing, TAN Zhihai, SNU Bin, LONG Yanxia, FAN Huichen, LIU Zhao
  2017(1):15-24 [Abstract(3785)]  [View PDF 953.95 K (2940)]
Characteristics and formation mechanism of a heavy air pollution episode over Chinese cities during the National Day holiday in 2015
  SU Xiaoli1,2, FENG Tian1,2,3, CAO Junji1,2,4
  2017(1):25-36 [Abstract(3756)]  [View PDF 4.69 M (1949)]
PM2.5 pollution types in Xiamen and its causes
  ZHANG Ningning1,2, CAO Junji1,2, ZHAO Zhuzi1,2, WANG Qiyuan1,2, ZHUANG Mazhan3, ZHANG Jieru3, ZHANG Xuemin3
  2017(1):37-45 [Abstract(3179)]  [View PDF 1014.80 K (2410)]
Pollution characteristics and sources of water-soluble ions in PM2.5 in Baoji
  ZHANG Tin1,2, CAO Junji1,2,3, LIU Suixin1,2
  2017(1):46-54 [Abstract(3002)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (2157)]
Intensity and spatial distribution characteristics of soil freeze-thaw erosion in alpine steppe region based on GIS
  WANG Zhuan1,2, SHA Zhanjiang1,2,3, MA Yujun1,2, HU Jufang2,3, ZHAI Yule1,2, MA Haiying4
  2017(1):55-64 [Abstract(3364)]  [View PDF 6.96 M (1842)]
Implication and storage of soil organic carbon and black carbon in different land use types in the topsoil of Loess Plateau
  TU Xiaming1,2, ZHOU Jiamao1, CAO Junji1,4, HAN Yongming1, SHEN Zhenxing3
  2017(1):65-71 [Abstract(3781)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (2177)]
The vertical distribution of phosphorus, calcium, silicon, magnesium in apple orchard of different ages
  DENG Li, HE Maoyong
  2017(1):72-77 [Abstract(3352)]  [View PDF 1.16 M (2061)]
A comparative study on X-ray diffraction mineral quantitative analysis of two methods in sediments
  LIN Weiwei1, SONG Yougui1,2
  2017(1):78-87 [Abstract(5191)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (5981)]


  ZHANG Luyuan
  2017(1):88 [Abstract(3521)]  [View PDF 287.50 K (2903)]
  DONG Guocheng
  2017(1):88 [Abstract(2290)]  [View PDF 289.30 K (1623)]
  2017(1):88 [Abstract(2388)]  [View PDF 289.32 K (2154)]