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Volume ,Issue 2,2017 Table of Contents

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Using lithium isotopes traces continental weathering: Progresses and challenges
  GOU Longfei1, 2, JIN Zhangdong1, 3, HE Maoyong1
  2017(2):89-102 [Abstract(4514)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (3698)]


Influence of variation in dust 10Be concentration amplitude on the reliability of geomagnetic tracing study from Chinese loess
  XIAN Feng1, 2, KONG Xianghui1, 2, JIANG Jun3, ZHAO Guoqing1, 2 , WU Zhenkun1, 2
  2017(2):103-112 [Abstract(2449)]  [View PDF 3.23 M (1540)]
AMS-14C dating of lignin phenols extracted from the lacustrine sediments from Qinghai Lake
  CHEN Qingmin1, 2, ZHOU Weijian 2, XIAN Feng2
  2017(2):113-118 [Abstract(2764)]  [View PDF 666.76 K (1889)]
The climatic response of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. in Mt. Zhuni, Gansu
  SONG Huiming1, LIU Yu1, 2, MEI Ruochen1, 3, ZHAO Boyang1, 3, PAYOMRAT Paramate1, 3, ZHANG Xinjia1, 3
  2017(2):119-126 [Abstract(3826)]  [View PDF 4.15 M (1830)]
Analysis on air temperature variation trend in Yulin from 1951 to 2012
  HU Yafei1, BAO Guang1, 2, WANG Hongtao1
  2017(2):127-136 [Abstract(2372)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (2091)]
Influence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation events on climate in Harbin region during 1955 — 2011
  LIU Dan, ZHAO Jingbo
  2017(2):137-147 [Abstract(2344)]  [View PDF 785.49 K (1984)]
Relationship between El Niño-Southern Oscillation events and regional sea surface temperature anomalies around the Xisha Islands, South China Sea
  LIU Chengcheng1, 2, ZHANG Wenchao1, 2, YAN Hong1
  2017(2):148-156 [Abstract(3285)]  [View PDF 1.86 M (2110)]
The change of spatial-temporal characteristics of Qingdao urban heat island based on remote sensing
  ZHOU Tiantian, LIAN Lishu, LI Baofu, JI Xiaolu
  2017(2):157-168 [Abstract(3139)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (2313)]
Optimizing experimental conditions of extraction cosmogenic nuclide 10Be in loess
  ZHAO Guoqing1, 2, ZHANG Li1, 2, KONG Xianghui1, 2, FU Yunchong1, 2, DU Yajuan1, 2
  2017(2):169-175 [Abstract(2337)]  [View PDF 1.94 M (1727)]
Comparison of the ultrasound-assisted organic solvent extraction and modified Bligh-Dyer extraction for the analysis of glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers from environmental samples
  WANG Huanye1, LIU Weiguo1, 2, ZHANG Chuanlun3
  2017(2):176-184 [Abstract(3579)]  [View PDF 928.94 K (3171)]