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Volume ,Issue 2,2018 Table of Contents

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Research progress of eco-environmental degradation in Alxa Plateau
  WAN Wei1, 2, YAN Changzhen1
  2018(2):109-122 [Abstract(2903)]  [View PDF 2.69 M (1296)]


Magnetic susceptibility and grain size records of Bole loess section in the northern piedmont of Tianshan Mountains and their implications for paleoclimatic changes
  SUN Huanyu1, SONG Yougui2, 3, LI Yue2, 4, CHEN Xiuling1, OROZBAEV Rustam5
  2018(2):123-136 [Abstract(2614)]  [View PDF 4.61 M (1294)]
Temperature variation in Muztag Ata region over the past 200 years recorded by total organic carbon of lake sediments in Little Kalakul Lake
  LI Shuaihua1, 2, JIN Zhangdong3, ZHANG Fei3, ZHANG Xiaolong1, 2, XIE Ying1, XU Baiqing1
  2018(2):137-148 [Abstract(2515)]  [View PDF 3.44 M (1272)]
AMS-14C chronology of Yujiagou site in Nihewan Basin and its archeological significance
  LIN Shan1, 2, AO Hong1, CHENG Peng1, WEI Qi3, ZHANG Peng1, SHU Peixian1, 2, LI Xingwen1, 2
  2018(2):149-158 [Abstract(2864)]  [View PDF 13.70 M (1126)]
Spatiotemporal variation characteristics of extreme temperature and its influencing factors in recent 53 years in Northern Xinjiang, China
  DING Zhiyong1, 2, 3, GE Yongxiao1, 3, Jilili·Abuduwaili1, 3
  2018(2):159-171 [Abstract(2089)]  [View PDF 2.27 M (1216)]
Variation tendency of potential evapotranspiration and aridity index in Central Gansu Province in recent 55 years
  FAN Shuangping
  2018(2):172-181 [Abstract(2161)]  [View PDF 3.41 M (1216)]
Temporal distribution of PM10 and PM2.5 and its relationship with meteorological factors during winter and spring in Weinan
  MENG Yuanyuan1, FU Chaofeng1, 2, XI Jianjian1, WANG Yi1
  2018(2):182-192 [Abstract(2891)]  [View PDF 2.25 M (1222)]
Ground-based measurements of solar spectrum in Tibet
  ZHOU Yi1, Norsang Gelsor1, Tsoja Wangmu1, Weise Zhuoma2, DUAN Jie1, ZHAO Di1, JIN Yaming1, HU Guijun1
  2018(2):193-199 [Abstract(2855)]  [View PDF 6.53 M (1266)]
Research on safety evaluation and resistance of land use ecosystem in China section of “Silk Road Economic Belt”
  JIANG Changjun, LI Yixue, WANG Yiming
  2018(2):200-209 [Abstract(2002)]  [View PDF 820.22 K (1081)]
Study on sustainability of three developed core districts in Xi’an based on emergy analysis
  WANG Zhiyu1, MA Junjie1, LI Pengfei1, ZHAO Dan2, TENG Teng1, YANG Yucen1
  2018(2):210-222 [Abstract(1902)]  [View PDF 1.06 M (1173)]