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Volume ,Issue 4,2019 Table of Contents

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Research progress of inherited cosmogenic nuclide in exposure dating of glacial geomorphology
  ZHANG Mengyuan 1, 2, 3, MEI Jing 1, 2, 3, ZHANG Zhigang1, 2, 3, 4, WANG Jian1, 2, 3, 5, LIANG Xingjiang6
  2019(4):325-334 [Abstract(2107)]  [View PDF 8.64 M (1344)]


Study on growth and erosion model of granite weathering-rinds (WRs) in Rencuo Lake area in the middle of Taniantaweng Mountains and terrestrial in situ cosmogenic nuclide (TCN) measurement
  ZHANG Wei, LI Yapeng, CHAI Le, QIAO Jingru, TANG Qianyu
  2019(4):335-346 [Abstract(1848)]  [View PDF 22.15 M (1113)]
Simulating the sources of PM2.5 during heavy haze pollution episodes in the autumn and winter of 2016 in Xianyang City, China
  LI Xia1, 2, 3, WU Jiarui1, 2, LIU Lang1, 2, LI Guohui1, 2
  2019(4):347-363 [Abstract(1725)]  [View PDF 37.68 M (1047)]
Effect of crabs activities on greenhouse gases emission fluxes in Spartina alterniflora Loisel marsh from Minjiang River estuary
  CHEN Youyang1, CHEN Shuyun1, ZENG Congsheng1, 2, WANG Weiqi1, 2
  2019(4):364-376 [Abstract(1563)]  [View PDF 4.28 M (967)]
Variation characteristics of extreme temperature in Lijiang, Yunnan Province during 1960 — 2017
  JI Zhengxi1, ZHAO Jingbo1, 2
  2019(4):377-389 [Abstract(1853)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (1089)]
The features of small-scale regional differentiation of sand layer moisture — a case study of the Shapotou area
  YU Keke1, 2, CHENG Aifang1, SHAO Tianjie3, ZHAO Jingbo3
  2019(4):390-396 [Abstract(1706)]  [View PDF 917.89 K (953)]
Mineralogical characteristics of coccolith-rich site in western South China Sea
  WANG Fudong, ZOU Xiang, SUN Shiyong, MA Biaobiao, CHEN Tingfang, ZHAO Xueqin, DONG Faqin
  2019(4):397-405 [Abstract(1708)]  [View PDF 1000.26 K (820)]
Effects of manure addition on enzyme activities during spent mushroom substrate composting
  ZHANG Yong1, 2, CHEN Yupeng2, QUAN Qiumei3, ZHANG Feng4, CHEN Ji2, 5
  2019(4):406-418 [Abstract(1876)]  [View PDF 12.00 M (857)]
Remediation of lead contaminated soil by organic and inorganic phosphorus materials
  ZHU Xiaolong1, 2, LU Zailiang2, QIN Yongjun1, 2, PENG Peng2
  2019(4):419-426 [Abstract(1780)]  [View PDF 747.13 K (991)]