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Volume ,Issue 2,2020 Table of Contents

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Update on the toxicological effects and mechanism of PM2.5
  HUANG Hong1, WAN Xueying1, CHEN Tingtao2, ZOU Changwei1
  2020(2):125-142 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (1026)]


Impacts of atmospheric fine particulate matter (PM2.5) on urban heat island with multi-source data: a case study of Beijing
  CHEN Chen1, AMU Ladu1, LI Cuilin2, SUN Jixing1, LI Hui1
  2020(2):143-150 [Abstract(1327)]  [View PDF 7.80 M (768)]
Characteristics and sources of water-soluble ions in PM2.5 in the coastal city of Zhuhai, China
  YU Juan1, LI Ming2, 3, KANG Hui4, WANG Lei1, HUANG Jinyong1
  2020(2):151-160 [Abstract(1434)]  [View PDF 12.55 M (780)]
The model to predict PM2.5/10 concentrations based on NARX neural network — taking Liangsidu monitoring station in Xianyang as an example
  ZHANG Danning, ZHANG Meng, ZHANG Bo
  2020(2):161-168 [Abstract(1498)]  [View PDF 1.95 M (882)]
Reconstruction past glacier since MIS3 and estimate its area, volume and equilibrium-line altitudes in Gaerqiong valley, Lunpo Gangri central Gangdese
  WANG Youqi1, 2, ZHOU Weijian1, 3, WU Yubin1, 2
  2020(2):169-180 [Abstract(1444)]  [View PDF 16.87 M (759)]
Feasibility analysis of quartz Electron Spin Resonance method in tracing provenance of modern sediments in the Yellow River
  WANG Lijun1, CHEN Hongyun1, LAI Zhongping2, YANG Zhenjing1
  2020(2):181-189 [Abstract(1448)]  [View PDF 1.42 M (679)]
Seasonal variations of chemical weathering and its controlling factors of Nyang River in the Tibetan Plateau
  MENG Junlun1, 3, GUO Jianyang1, WU Jie1, 3, ZHAO Zhiqi2
  2020(2):190-203 [Abstract(1499)]  [View PDF 3.61 M (951)]
Soil fertility evaluation and improvement measures in five irrigated areas along the Yellow River basin
  CAO Jing1, 2, CHEN Yiping1, WU Junhua1, 2, ZHAO Mengmeng3
  2020(2):204-214 [Abstract(1869)]  [View PDF 2.39 M (798)]
Studies on UV / H2O2 treatment of DANA and its influence factors
  SU Hailei1, SUN Fuhong1, CHEN Huanhuan2, CHEN Chuanyong2, WEI Yuan1
  2020(2):215-222 [Abstract(1716)]  [View PDF 988.90 K (714)]


  晏宏1, 2
  2020(2):223-232 [Abstract(2048)]  [View PDF 19.58 M (860)]


  李彦祯1, 2,吕雁斌2, 3,黄春菊4
  2020(2):233-234 [Abstract(1393)]  [View PDF 397.69 K (1773)]