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Volume ,Issue 3,2020 Table of Contents

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The correlation analysis of PM2.5 mass concentrations with infectious diseases in China
  LUO Yuan1, XIE Li2, CHEN Siyu1, ZANG Zhou3, WU Dongyou1
  2020(3):235-244 [Abstract(1351)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (861)]
Spatial pattern and environmental background of the locust plague event in China during 1615—1619 AD
  WANG Yuxin1, LI Gang1, 2, 3, GAO Xing1, WANG Jieyu1
  2020(3):245-254 [Abstract(1145)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (680)]
Distribution characteristics of dust flux based on meticulous observation
  KANG Yongde1, YANG Xinghua1, XIAO Rang2, HE Qing3, HUO Wen1, YANG Fan1, Ali · Mamtimin1
  2020(3):255-264 [Abstract(1274)]  [View PDF 16.13 M (471)]
Combining remote sensing and tree ring techniques to investigate forest vegetation dynamics and its response to climate change in Yimeng mountainous area from the early 20th century
  ZHAO Xingyun1, GUO Yuanyuan1, ZHU Likai1, TIAN Jinmei2, QU Xiaoqian3, REN Jiaxuan4, LI Wenjing1, BU Xiangfeng1, WANG Shuxin1
  2020(3):265-279 [Abstract(1378)]  [View PDF 7.64 M (485)]
The mitigation effect of plateau urban ecological construction on “heat island effect”: a case study of Xining City in Qinghai Province of China
  LIU Fei1, LIU Fenggui1, 2, CHEN Qiong1, 2, ZHOU Qiang1, 2, WU Xue1, ZHANG Liang1
  2020(3):280-291 [Abstract(1123)]  [View PDF 6.70 M (718)]
Ecological evaluation and obstacle factor analysis of urban green space in Jiayuguan from 2007 to 2016
  MA Yaxiong1, ZHANG Zhibin1, DA Xiaojun2, DONG Jianhong1, ZHENG Lan1
  2020(3):292-301 [Abstract(1120)]  [View PDF 1.34 M (566)]
Evaluation of land resources carrying capacity and its coordinated development in Hangzhou City
  ZHAO Wei1, JIANG Changjun2, LI Yixue2
  2020(3):302-315 [Abstract(891)]  [View PDF 900.11 K (542)]
Study on the response of the migration and subsequent increase of income in Southern Shaanxi
  LÜ Xiaolu1, HE Jiali2, XIAO Weiwei3
  2020(3):316-324 [Abstract(1068)]  [View PDF 785.27 K (536)]
Numerical simulation of photo-transferred phenomenon in 110℃ thermoluminescence (TL) trap
  ZHENG Yue1, 2, PENG Jun3, WANG Xulong1
  2020(3):325-334 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF 2.49 M (542)]


  刘海娇1,于学峰1,孙有斌1, 2
  2020(3):335-342 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF 26.26 M (684)]


  2020(3):343-344 [Abstract(1087)]  [View PDF 988.40 K (516)]