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Volume ,Issue 1,2022 Table of Contents

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The relative importance of stochastic drift and deterministic process in the invasibility of native community
  TANG Long1, LIU Qiuyue1, ZHOU Qingshi1, GAO Yang2*
  2022(1):1-10 [Abstract(1179)]  [View PDF 716.49 K (611)]
Research progress on environmental pollution control by piezo-photocatalysis
  LI Yaoyu1, 2, 3, LI Rong1, 2, 3, HUANG Yu1, 2*
  2022(1):11-32 [Abstract(1644)]  [View PDF 6.63 M (1103)]


Analysis of spatio-temporal differences and influencing factors of public environmental awareness in China
  SU Fang1*, QI Lemeng1, SHANG Haiyang2
  2022(1):33-48 [Abstract(1067)]  [View PDF 4.20 M (627)]
The impact of land policy pilot projects along the Yellow River on regional development — test of policy benefit based on regression discontinuity design
  SHANG Haiyang1*, KOU Ying1, SU Fang2
  2022(1):49-60 [Abstract(1107)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (615)]
Influence of synoptic situations on the air quality of different seasons in the Guanzhong basin during 2014 to 2018
  LIANG Jiayi1, LIU Lang2, 3, BEI Naifang1*
  2022(1):61-72 [Abstract(935)]  [View PDF 5.74 M (690)]
Using single particle aerosol mass spectrum (SPAMS) to study chemical characteristics of Pb-containing particles during heating periods in Xianghe
  YANG Bin1*, BAI Xiaochun1, WU Huacheng2, WU Jian1, ZHOU Weiqing2, LI Peng2, WANG Lü3
  2022(1):73-85 [Abstract(897)]  [View PDF 3.09 M (564)]
Characteristics of non-point source nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and identification of key source areas in the Shatangchuan watershed based on SWAT model
  ZHANG Qian, CHAO Shijun*, YANG Xiaoli, LI Fajuan, HU Jian
  2022(1):86-99 [Abstract(1240)]  [View PDF 5.01 M (555)]
The influence of urban spatial structure on urban thermal field—a case study of Jinan in summer
  WANG Junning, SHAN Baoyan*, LIU Yangyang, ZHANG Zhixuan
  2022(1):100-109 [Abstract(979)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (634)]
Identification of climate factors affecting rice yield and climate impact estimation in Guangdong Province
  XIONG Wen1, LIU Jia1, ZHU Yongbin2, 3*
  2022(1):110-120 [Abstract(1069)]  [View PDF 1.62 M (656)]