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Volume ,Issue 3,2013 Table of Contents

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Time-series sediment trap and a deployment in Lake Qinghai
  JIN Zhang-dong, ZHANG Fei, YOU Chen-feng, QIU Xin-ning, PEI Sheng-shan, SHI Yue-wei and QI Ru-gui
  2013(3):1301-1305 [Abstract(5664)]  [View PDF 6.02 M (1022)]
Seasonal and interannual variations of the lake water parameters and particle flux in Lake Qinghai: A time series sediment trap study
  JIN Zhang-dong, ZHANG Fei, LI Fu-chun, CHEN Liu-mei, XIAO Jun and HE Mao-yong
  2013(3):1306-1313 [Abstract(3345)]  [View PDF 5.91 M (1046)]
Seasonal and spatial variations of water chemistry in Lake Qinghai and its influence by authigenic carbonate precipitation
  ZHANG Fei, JIN Zhang-dong, SHI Yue-wei, QIU Xin-ning and QI Ru-gui
  2013(3):1314-1321 [Abstract(2929)]  [View PDF 3.79 M (875)]
Effect of organic matter degradation on dissolved inorganic stable carbon isotopic compositions (δ13CDIC)and its implications in Lake Qinghai: A time series sediment trap study
  WANG Jin, JIN Zhang-dong and ZHANG Fei
  2013(3):1322-1327 [Abstract(2727)]  [View PDF 1.46 M (1010)]
Seasonal and interannual variations in abundance and oxygen carbon isotopic compositions of ostracod shells from Lake Qinghai and their controlling factors: A case study on the sediment trap
  LI Yan and JIN Zhang-dong
  2013(3):1328-1337 [Abstract(2779)]  [View PDF 2.14 M (889)]
A brief assessment of diatom assemblages and seasonal dynamics in Lake Qinghai: a time-series sediment trap study
  PENG Yu-mei, RIOUAL Patrick and JIN Zhang-dong
  2013(3):1338-1345 [Abstract(2864)]  [View PDF 2.23 M (880)]
A review of sediment trap techniques and their applications for understanding of settling particle in lakes and oceans
  CHEN Liu-mei and JIN Zhang-dong
  2013(3):1346-1354 [Abstract(3203)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (895)]
The reasons of rising water level in Lake Qinghai since 2005
  JIN Zhang-dong, ZHANG Fei, WANG Hong-li, BAI Ai-juan and QIU Xin-ning
  2013(3):1355-1362 [Abstract(2996)]  [View PDF 3.52 M (855)]