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Volume ,Issue 3,2016 Table of Contents

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First workshop on indoor air pollution and advanced air pollution control technologies Kumamoto, Japan, January 8 — 11, 2016
  CAO Junji1, ZHANG Daizhou2
  2016(3) [Abstract(2196)]  [View PDF]
Quaternary tephrochronological and tephrostratigraphical studies: a brief review
  ZHAO Hongli1, HALL Valerie A2, LIU Jiaqi3
  2016(3):209-226 [Abstract(2815)]  [View PDF]
Review on the application of the atmospheric produced 10Be in Chinese loess
  KONG Xianghui1, 2, ZHOU Weijian1, 2,3,4, WU Zhenkun1, 2, DU Yajuan1, 2, ZHAO Guoqing1, 2, XIE Xingjun1, 2
  2016(3):227-237 [Abstract(3227)]  [View PDF]
Application of plant microfossils in Quaternary environmental research: a review and perspective
  ZHANG Jixiao1,2, XU Hai1,3
  2016(3):238-253 [Abstract(2830)]  [View PDF]
Early to mid-Holocene paleoclimatic changes recorded by the stalagmites from the Magou Cave, Henan Province
  MAO Ruixue1,2, CAI Yanjun1,3, MA Le1, CHENG Xing1,2
  2016(3):254-268 [Abstract(3253)]  [View PDF]
The phenological patterns of dominant plants in Xinglongshan Natural Reserve and the response to the regional climate change
  QI Jun1,2, WANG Jing2, PAN Shicheng1, LIU Rui1, MENG Xiuxiang2
  2016(3):269-277 [Abstract(3054)]  [View PDF]
A high resolution simulation on Asian climate by Community Atmosphere Model 4
  SHA Yingyingsup>1,2, SHI Zhengguosup>1,3
  2016(3):278-291 [Abstract(7072)]  [View PDF 1.98 M (2520)]
Trophication evolution recorded by multi-proxy evidences in Lake Changshou, Chongqing during the recent 60 years
  ZHU Zhengjie1,2, XIAO Jun3 GONG Yechao1, YANG Hongyong1, ZHANG Xiong, SHUANG Yan1, MAO Lingling1
  2016(3):292-300 [Abstract(2737)]  [View PDF]
Spatial variation and influence factors of cropland N2O emission in the Northwest Arid Area
  ZHANG Fan1, WANG Zheng2, LI Xuxiang1
  2016(3):301-307 [Abstract(2222)]  [View PDF]
The effect of Mg2+ on boron incorporation into carbonate and the influence of B/Ca proxies for the deep ocean carbonate system
  HE Maoyong1,3, XIAO Yingkai2
  2016(3):308-313 [Abstract(2211)]  [View PDF]
Investigation of a rapid and direct 129I-AMS measurement method
  LIU Qi1,2,3, ZHOU Weijian1,2, HOU Xiaolin1,2, ZHANG Luyuan1,2, FU Yunchong1,2, CNEN Ning1,2
  2016(3):314-322 [Abstract(3196)]  [View PDF]