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Volume ,Issue 3,2019 Table of Contents

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Applications of UAV digital aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR in geomorphology and land cover research
  LUO Da1, 2, LIN Hangsheng3, JIN Zhao1, 4, ZHENG Han5, SONG Yi1, FENG Li1, 2, GUO Qinghua6
  2019(3):213-226 [Abstract(1495)]  [View PDF 34.33 M (1062)]


The possible role of the internal variability of the climate system in hydroclimate over eastern China during 1380 — 1429
  PENG Youbing
  2019(3):227-238 [Abstract(1057)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (824)]
Features of temperature variations in Tianshui during the past 116 years
  LIU Na1, 2, HU Yafei1, BAO Guang1, 2
  2019(3):239-247 [Abstract(1191)]  [View PDF 833.60 K (758)]
Analysis on the characteristics of temporal and spatial changes of atmospheric PM2.5 and it’s influencing factors in Xi’an from 2013 to 2017
  ZHAO Huiyizhe1, 2, 3, ZHOU Weijian1, 2, NIU Zhenchuan1, 2, FENG Tian1, 2
  2019(3):248-256 [Abstract(1366)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (861)]
Impact of ice nuclei on the development of cumulus clouds over North China Plain
  HU Sile1, 2, LIU Yu1, LI Guohui1
  2019(3):257-266 [Abstract(1355)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (684)]
Spatial and temporal variations of rainfall erosivity in different topographic regions of Shandong Province
  XIAO Bei1, CUI Buli1, JIANG Baofu1, LI Dongsheng1, WANG Ying1, ZHAO Tao2
  2019(3):267-280 [Abstract(1162)]  [View PDF 2.18 M (711)]
Research on water information extraction based on MAWEI index
  NIE Yawen1, YU Ming1, 2, LAN Ting1
  2019(3):281-290 [Abstract(1419)]  [View PDF 26.22 M (819)]
Temporal-spatial variations characteristics of UV erythemal dose over China
  XIAO Zhongyong, QIU Xiaoying, XIE Yining, ZHAO Bowei, WANG Yilin, LIANG Zhongying, CHEN Yawen, CHEN Guoqiang
  2019(3):291-298 [Abstract(1234)]  [View PDF 1.97 M (689)]
Environmental effects of chromium, zinc, nickel and lead in fly ash under different pH leaching conditions
  ZHANG Jiayuan1, WU Wentao1, WEI Yong2, LIU Guijian2
  2019(3):299-306 [Abstract(1331)]  [View PDF 1.84 M (763)]
Evaluation of a modified open-top chamber simulation system on the study of elevated CO2 concentration effects
  MA Yaping1, WAHG Naigong2, JIA Hao1, CAO Bing1
  2019(3):307-315 [Abstract(1425)]  [View PDF 5.21 M (756)]


  金钊1, 2
  2019(3):316-322 [Abstract(2338)]  [View PDF 24.60 M (992)]


黄河季节性河水化学揭示温度对Li 同位素变化的控制
  2019(3):323 [Abstract(1090)]  [View PDF 327.64 K (666)]
  2019(3):323-324 [Abstract(946)]  [View PDF 312.80 K (686)]