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Volume ,Issue 2,2022 Table of Contents

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Ecohydrological effects and sustainability of the Grain for Green Project on the Chinese Loess Plateau
  JIN Zhao1, 2*
  2022(2):121-131 [Abstract(1329)]  [View PDF 773.56 K (627)]
Lake sedimentary ancient DNA (sedaDNA) reveals paleoclimatic change and ecological evolution
  WANG Jing, XU Hai*
  2022(2):132-162 [Abstract(1128)]  [View PDF 4.29 M (991)]


Spatiotemporal distribution and driving force of settlements from Yangshao to Shang-Zhou periods in Guanzhong area based on GIS
  ZHOU Tingting, CUI Jianxin*
  2022(2):163-175 [Abstract(1003)]  [View PDF 4.06 M (568)]
Stable isotopic characteristics of hydrogen and oxygen in precipitation in Jiaolai Plain
  WANG Ying, CUI Buli*, LI Dongsheng, WANG Yaxuan
  2022(2):176-184 [Abstract(868)]  [View PDF 1.75 M (462)]
Spatiotemporal variation of vegetation cover and its driving forces in Gansu Province based on geodetector
  LÜ Yongjie1, 2, DING Wenguang1, 2*, DENG Zhe1, 2, LONG Yaocheng1, 2
  2022(2):185-195 [Abstract(1135)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (918)]
Runoff changes in the Weihe River basin over the past 200 years based on CMIP5 model data
  LIU Yinge1*, HUANG Xue1, MU Jianli2, BAO Jiangchuan1, YANG Yuxin1, DENG Xiaoli3, LIU Minru3
  2022(2):196-207 [Abstract(777)]  [View PDF 4.31 M (592)]
Simulating the sources and formation of secondary organic aerosol in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei
  GONG Xuehong1, WU Jiarui2, 3*, HAN Yongming2, 3, LI Guohui2, 3*, AN Zhisheng2
  2022(2):208-225 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 5.40 M (510)]
The opposing influences of ammonium sulfate/glycine on the formation of brown carbon in glycolaldehyde with amine system in a laboratory simulation
  SUN Juan1#, DING Zhezheng1#, YI Yayi2, CHEN Yanqi1, XUE Likun1, WANG Wenxing1, ZHOU Xuehua1*
  2022(2):226-239 [Abstract(785)]  [View PDF 2.09 M (413)]


  2022(2):240-242 [Abstract(911)]  [View PDF 887.55 K (413)]