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Volume ,Issue 3,2023 Table of Contents

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Progress in research and practice of ecological compensation theory in the Qinling Mountains
  WANG Kaibo1, WEI Rong2, SUN Qi2, JIANG Yao2, XU Xinhan2, WANG Yi1, CHEN Yiping1*
  2023(3):263-271 [Abstract(943)]  [View PDF 612.79 K (494)]
Research progress on age of Xujiayao-Houjiayao Site
  ZHANG Fan1, 2, HE Maoyong1*, LI Bin2, LUO Jiaxin1
  2023(3):272-283 [Abstract(436)]  [View PDF 1.41 M (369)]
Advances in non-traditional stable isotope pretreatment and determination techniques for plants
  LI Yangzi1, 2, HUANG Huayu1*, HE Maoyong2*, ZHANG Jingwen2, 3, ZHANG Fan2, 4, DENG Li2, LI Zhengyan2, 4, ZHANG Ning2, 4, ZHOU Jiangdi2, 3
  2023(3):284-296 [Abstract(400)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (357)]
Research progress on catalytic combustion of toluene with manganese-based oxides
  CHEN Meijuan1, ZHAO Jinghan1, WANG Wei2, YANG Tongxi1, HUANG Yu2*
  2023(3):297-304 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 577.27 K (323)]


Climatic challenges for renewable energy development: lessons from the UK
  HUANG Wei1, LIU Yan2, MA Hui3, GAO Lei1, YANG Xiaofan2, SONG Changqing2*
  2023(3):305-314 [Abstract(411)]  [View PDF 9.69 M (290)]
Different modes of hydrothermal configuration recorded in alpine lakes of central China during the Little Ice Age
  NIU Lili, ZHANG Qing, CHEN Lin, ZHANG Yao, WU Duo, ZHOU Aifeng*
  2023(3):315-327 [Abstract(388)]  [View PDF 3.25 M (242)]
Analysis of potential evapotranspiration trends and its factors in Qinghai Lake area
  TIAN Lu, GUO Wei*, NI Xiangnan, LI Xiaoting
  2023(3):328-338 [Abstract(378)]  [View PDF 2.17 M (335)]
Soil quality assessment under different land uses in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
  ZHAO Jin1, 2, LU Ruijie1*, MA Luo1, 2
  2023(3):339-351 [Abstract(386)]  [View PDF 2.60 M (322)]
Based on tree-ring width historical climate reconstruction potential research from different stem height
  HUANG Liping1, HU Dongyu1, LIU Kexiang2, ZHANG Ruibo2, YU Shulong2, JIANG Shengxia2, QIN Li2, ZHANG Tongwen2*
  2023(3):352-360, 376 [Abstract(330)]  [View PDF 3.16 M (337)]
Evaluation of metabolic sustainability of Fujian triangle urban agglomeration based on emergy analysis
  MA Yongqiang1, SHUI Wei2, 3*, TAO Yu2, 3, WU Chaowei2, 3, WU Kexin2, 3, LI Hui2, 3, SUN Xiaorui2, 3, ZHENG Jiayu2, 3
  2023(3):361-376 [Abstract(359)]  [View PDF 2.66 M (383)]


  贺茂勇1, 5*,潘彤2,杨红军3,马黎春4,侯殿宝3,程原原1,陈建洲6
  2023(3):377-378 [Abstract(373)]  [View PDF 349.92 K (319)]