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Volume ,Issue 2,2021 Table of Contents

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Lake level variations in southwest China over the last millennium
  ZHANG Xulong, SONG Yunping, ZHANG Guilin, XU Hai
  2021(2):121-136 [Abstract(2377)]  [View PDF 10.13 M (908)]
Solar activity and ENSO controlled variation of effective precipitation in the eastern Nanling Mountains
  XIE Yu, LIU Yuefeng, CHENG Caiyu, ZHOU Mengtao, PENG Xiaotao, CHENG Ke, ZHOU Houyun
  2021(2):137-145 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF 4.78 M (960)]
Mid-late Holocene Soil Erosion Record from Lake Deposit of Liupan Mountains
  ZHANG Huan1, NIU Lili1, YUAN Zijie1, ZHANG Can2, SUN Huiling3, ZHANG Xinjia4, ZHOU Aifeng1
  2021(2):146-158 [Abstract(1783)]  [View PDF 3.71 M (946)]
Spatial and temporal analysis of the “Spring Festival effect” on air pollutants in 31 cities of China
  DENG Xiangwen, ZENG Xiaomin
  2021(2):159-169 [Abstract(1457)]  [View PDF 3.36 M (978)]
Characterization of composition and sources of atmospheric submicron particles in Xi’an, China during summer using an aerosol chemical speciation monitor
  LI Zhiyu1, 2, 3, ZHANG Xin1, 2, 3, WANG Qiyuan1, 2, André S. H. PRÉVÔT4, CAO Junji1, 2, HAN Yuemei1, 2
  2021(2):170-182 [Abstract(1634)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (934)]
Variation concentration characteristics and correlations of atmospheric contaminant in Mianyang
  DU Juan1, SONG Pengcheng2, LONG Ping2, HUANG Qiang2, QIAO Junxi2
  2021(2):183-191 [Abstract(1674)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (1215)]
Chemical composition of long-range transport aerosol in winter in Kunming
  GUO Xiao1, WU Feng2, 3, SHI Zhengtao4, LIU Suixin2, 3, LI Shaoshi4
  2021(2):192-201 [Abstract(1531)]  [View PDF 7.74 M (1037)]
Selection of suitable crops and its best cultivar in newly created farmland of Yan’an region
  CHEN Yiping1, SU Cuicui1, WANG Xianglong1, 2, WANG Yi1, WANG Kaibo1, ZHANG Weibin3, ZHANG Guanghong3, ZHANG Runsheng3
  2021(2):202-213 [Abstract(1229)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (896)]
Study on distribution characteristics and pollution evaluation of nutrient elements in surface sediments in the middle Chishui River, southwestern China
  LIU Bin1, 2, SHENG Enguo2, CAI Shenwen2, ZHANG Li3, ZHOU Jing4, ZHAO Jun2
  2021(2):214-223 [Abstract(1380)]  [View PDF 15.14 M (939)]
Status of heavy metal pollution in paddy soil and human health risk assessment of rice around phosphogypsum yard
  LAN Yushu1, SHI Guqi1, YANG Gang2, SI Yiyang1, CHENG Rong3
  2021(2):224-231 [Abstract(2358)]  [View PDF 751.67 K (944)]


  邢萌1, 2,曹军骥1, 2,刘卫国1, 2,李国辉1, 2,王启元1, 2
  2021(2):232 [Abstract(1233)]  [View PDF 271.39 K (871)]