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Volume ,Issue 4,2022 Table of Contents

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Study on the check dam resource features in the sensitive area of soil erosion in the middle Yellow River based on remote sensing information
  ZHANG Qifei1, 3, 4, SUN Congjian1, 3, 4*, XIANG Yanyun2, 4, LI Jiao1, 3, LIU Xian1, 3, LIANG Jiarong1
  2022(4):357-368, 379 [Abstract(1667)]  [View PDF 5.37 M (1242)]
Analysis of the coupling characteristics between water resources and food security in the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River: a case study of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia-Qinghai region, Northwest China
  LIU Xian1, 3*, XU Yueyue2, SUN Congjian1, CHEN Wei1, LI Jiao1, ZHANG Qifei1
  2022(4):369-379 [Abstract(1215)]  [View PDF 1.90 M (992)]
Characteristics of surface water environment and source identification of water pollutants in the downstream of Fenhe River
  LI Jiao, SUN Congjian*, CHEN Wei, ZHANG Qifei, LIU Xian, ZHOU Sijie, LIN Ruojing
  2022(4):380-392 [Abstract(1087)]  [View PDF 2.62 M (1874)]
Spatial distribution of δ18O in precipitation across the Loess Plateau
  YANG Gahong1, 2, WANG Shengjie1, 2*, ZHANG Mingjun1, 2
  2022(4):393-404 [Abstract(1182)]  [View PDF 3.90 M (1139)]
Effects of Tamarix chinensis shrub on soil respiration in the Yellow River Delta
  MA Xiaodan1, LIU Jiazhen1*, CHEN Yongjin1, MA Rongzhen2, XU Mengchen3
  2022(4):405-417 [Abstract(1060)]  [View PDF 3.13 M (905)]
Spatiotemporal variations and influencing factors of carbon emissions in the Yellow River Basin based on LMDI model
  CHEN Feng1*, ZHANG Jing1, REN Jiao2, XIANG Yanyun3, LI Qian1
  2022(4):418-427 [Abstract(1701)]  [View PDF 1.74 M (1189)]
Study on the spatial-temporal evolution and influence factors of vegetation coverage in the Yellow River Basin during 1982 — 2021
  LI Xueyin1, 2, ZHANG Zhiqiang2, 3*, SUN Aizhi1
  2022(4):428-436 [Abstract(2743)]  [View PDF 2.30 M (1674)]
A preliminary study on relationship between the extinction of nabkhas and agricultural activity in farming-pastoral ecotone in Hetao Region of China
  LI Yijing1, LIU Xiaokang1*, LU Ruijie2, XIAO Fengjun1
  2022(4):437-448 [Abstract(1182)]  [View PDF 5.76 M (1634)]
Evolvement characteristics and coupling coordination analysis of “production-living-ecological space” function in the upper reaches of the Yellow River
  LI Linghui1, ZHAO Ruifeng1, 2*, MING Siyu1, HAN Ziyi1, JIA Zhibin1
  2022(4):449-464 [Abstract(1275)]  [View PDF 2.69 M (1417)]
Study on the coupling relationship between soil fertility and economic benefits of cultivated land under different planting types in loess residual tableland
  WANG Hongyang1, CHEN Wei1, 2*, LI Yaxin1, ZHANG Chi1
  2022(4):465-476 [Abstract(1297)]  [View PDF 1.97 M (921)]
Spatial-temporal evolution, tradeoffs and synergies of ecosystem services in the middle Yellow River
  REN Juan, ZHAO Xueyan*, XU Xingchao, MA Pingyi, DU Yuxuan
  2022(4):477-490 [Abstract(1476)]  [View PDF 5.83 M (1737)]
Analysis of the spatiotemporal evolution of the coordinated development of ecosystem service value and economy in the Yellow River Basin
  QIN Mingxing, YANG Cuicui, XU Lishuai, GUO Qingxia*, DING Yi, ZHANG Yajun
  2022(4):491-505 [Abstract(1172)]  [View PDF 3.37 M (1030)]
Spatial pattern and obstacle factor analysis of urban ecological construction level in the Yellow River Basin
  WANG Xiaohui1, YAO Shimou2, CHEN Shuang2, 3, WANG Longsheng1*
  2022(4):506-520 [Abstract(1357)]  [View PDF 4.22 M (904)]