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Volume ,Issue 4,2023 Table of Contents

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Application progress of luminescence dating technology in pottery dating
  WEI Junjie1, 2, JIN Jianhui1, 2, 3*, QIU Junjie1, 2, REN Yongqing1, 2
  2023(4):379-394 [Abstract(1167)]  [View PDF 833.16 K (736)]
A review on room-temperature catalysts for antibacteria
  LIU Yan1, ZHANG Chaofeng1, 2, WANG Zhenyu1, HUANG Yu1, 3*
  2023(4):395-408 [Abstract(536)]  [View PDF 2.78 M (536)]
A review of the environmental effects of rare earth development in the past 30 years based on bibliometrics
  WAN Chen1, ZHOU Dan1, 2*, XUE Bing1, 3*
  2023(4):409-424 [Abstract(529)]  [View PDF 3.58 M (421)]


Arctic winter sea ice loss and moisture dynamics revealed by precipitation deuterium excess
  WEI Xin, DANG Shaohua, LIU Zhongfang*
  2023(4):425-433 [Abstract(454)]  [View PDF 2.11 M (385)]
Water vapor isotope characteristics and causes of a typical long-term precipitation event during Meiyu period
  XUE Ru, PANG Hongxi*, ZHAN Zhaojun, WANG Jiajia, XU Tao, GU Xiaoqin
  2023(4):434-443 [Abstract(406)]  [View PDF 5.34 M (462)]
Spatial distribution and influencing factors of Han Dynasty village sites in the Gansu section of the Silk Road 【Cover】
  LI Jining*, LI Fuyi
  2023(4):444-457 [Abstract(411)]  [View PDF 2.10 M (369)]
Characteristics of particles on leaf surface and phyllosphere bacterial community of three plant species in urban parks of Qingdao
  XU Ailing1, JIANG Min1, BAI Pingping2, SONG Qi1, LI Huijuan1, SONG Zhiwen1*
  2023(4):458-471 [Abstract(376)]  [View PDF 5.45 M (343)]
Research on geological hazard risk assessment based on PCA and improved AHP-CRITIC method: a case study of Shenmu, Shaanxi Province
  LI Jiahao1, 2, 3, XIE Wanli1, 2*, YAN Ming1, 2, LIU Qiqi1, 2, HE Gaorui1, 2
  2023(4):472-487 [Abstract(419)]  [View PDF 4.56 M (363)]
Spatio-temporal variation characteristics and driving mechanism of habitat quality of Qinling Mountains in recent 40 years
  WU Wenqi1, 2, ZHAO Yan1, TIAN Hanwen1, 2, CHEN Yiping3, 1*
  2023(4):488-504 [Abstract(535)]  [View PDF 5.24 M (416)]